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Original play (c) 2013. Proctored performance including interactive packet.

Staged as a live reading at Vassar College, 5/8 & 5/12/13.

Sponsored by the Vassar College Department of Education.


In the year 2013, Brightman College is deciding how to evolve. Online education seems to be the way of the future, but this means massive layoffs and organizational overhaul. Needless to say, everyone on the faculty has an opinion...


Featuring original music and animation by Ngly.

Monitored by Gaby Van Auken.

With Becca Chodorkoff, Jess Coles, Louisa Gummer, Matt Hammel, John Hayden, Sammi Katz, Danny Lempert, Jack Levinson, Sofia Macht, Joel Orloff, Lyla Porter-Follows, Juliana Rodzinski, Gabriel Ross, Molly Senack, and Emily Wexler.

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